Custom Pools – San Antonio, TX

Custom Concrete Inground Pool Builders

Custom pools offer you the size and style that fits your budget and personal tastes best. Concrete or gunite is the material that is most commonly used to design custom pools in San Antonio, TX.  Identifying the style and features that will work best for your home and property is important if you want to add value and maintain the flow of the architecture and the theme of your property. The first step is to examine the choices available for your custom pool.

Custom Finish

Luxury Custom Pools Bring Home Value

A custom finish is one of the biggest advantages to choosing a custom concrete pool. You can choose a colored concrete or you can opt for a textured finish that fits into your landscaping theme perfectly. Tile, pebbles and classic plaster are all options to choose from. Modern glass beaded concrete and quartz are excellent options if you want to enhance the sparkle of your pool and prefer a high end appearance that matches your contemporary home. Quartz finishes are an excellent option when you want a durable finish that can withstand the wear and tear of water and harsh pool chemicals for many years to come.

Shape and Size

Custom In ground Pools with Landscaping

The shape and size of your pool depends on the architecture of your home and the amount of space that you have available. You can choose any shape that you like and your contractor will work to create the design by carefully chiseling the foundation for your pool and framing the design using boards. A pool installation team provides valuable advice on which shapes and sizes are right for your property based on the style of your home and the area where the pool is installed. A professional pool design team will also provide you with information that will assist you in budgeting for the installation based on the type of pool that you want and the amount of work required for the installation.

Choosing the size of your pool may seem like the easiest choice that you will make during the design process but there are some factors that may change your plans. Underground wiring or plumbing, for example, should be located before you begin excavating for your pool installation. The amount of space that the installation company needs to bring in heavy equipment is also a factor to consider. Your San Antonio pool installation company can find solutions to even the most challenging issues to help you build the pool that is right for your home and property.

Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Pools can come with custom features

A customized pool is designed to meet your personal wishes for style and comfort. Incorporating special features into the pool adds a personal touch and increases the usability of your custom pool. Accents and special features include tanning ledges, fire accents, fiber optic lighting and rock slides or waterfalls. You will also need to determine which material you would prefer to use in your deck or the area that surrounds the pool. Rock, concrete or tile are all common options to use for decking and special features.

Getting Started

Working with your local San Antonio pool installation company is the best place to begin planning your new custom pool. Your professional installation team can provide you with information on the features and designs that will work best for your personal needs. Making an appointment to discuss your options early in the season ensures your pool is ready for use before summer begins. Scheduling your custom pool installation early is one of the simplest ways to beat the summer rush for pool installation and design experts. Call today to discuss your options and begin building your custom pool with the help of an expert pool design team.