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Durable and Affordable Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools offer some distinct benefits when compared to other types of in ground pools. With a fast installation time and custom features at a lower initial cost, your fiberglass pool can bring many years of enjoyment to your family at a fraction of the cost you may expect.


Backhoe Digging Out Pool

A fiberglass pool is usually installed in less than a week after the shell arrives at your home. You will need to choose and order a fiberglass pool shell and have it delivered if you want to include custom features. Some pool installation companies have a supply of standard fiberglass pool shells available on location. In ground fiberglass pools are the most common choice for homeowners. Your property must be prepped before the shell arrives to ensure a fast installation. Your pool can be installed and ready to use in as little as three days if the excavation and shaping is complete when the pool shell arrives.

Your San Antonio fiberglass pool installation team will excavate and prepare the area where the pool will be installed. You will also need to consider the type of deck that you want to install. You can opt for a traditional concrete deck or you may prefer tile, natural stone or another type of material. Your pool design team can help you find an option that suits your property and any existing landscaping theme. Wooden decks are an excellent choice if you prefer a traditional style and want a deck that is a little more comfortable than concrete or stone.

Customizable Inground Pools

Custom Pools can come with custom features

Fiberglass pools can be customized to include special features. You will work with your pool installation company to determine which features you would like included before the fiberglass pool shell is ordered. The largest size available for fiberglass pools is sixteen feet wide but the length of the pool can reach forty feet or more. You can add steps, tanning ledges or customize the shape of your pool since each shell is made exactly to your specifications at the time you make your order. Fiberglass pools also come in a wide range of styles and colors, providing you with an option that will fit into your design theme perfectly.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Pool Leaning And Maintenance

One of the benefits of choosing fiberglass is that the interior of the pool is coated with a material that is very easy to clean and maintain. The only option with less maintenance requirements would be natural pools.  The interior of your pool will resist algae and other contaminants to provide you with clean, sparking water. In fact, most fiberglass pools will use about 25% less cleaning and sanitizing chemicals than a concrete pool of the same size. Fiberglass pools are one of the best choices available if you want to stay within your budget and would like a pool that takes less time and resources to maintain after the installation is complete.

Durability is an important factor when choosing a pool. Fiberglass is designed to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear that some other pool materials can’t handle. The materials used in your pool can withstand fluctuations in temperature and the material won’t scratch or crack with normal use. Even the strongest summer storms or winter freezes won’t affect the durability of your fiberglass pool. If you do have a crack in your pool shell, fiberglass is relatively easy to repair.

Where to Begin

If you are interested in a fiberglass pool, the first step is to contact a local San Antonio installation company. A professional design team can help you assess your property and determine the size and style that fits your personal needs best. Your design team will begin excavating soon after you have chosen the size and shape of your pool. Call today to find out more about custom and standard sized fiberglass pools to begin building a fun family getaway in your backyard.

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