Vinyl Liner Pools

Affordable Swimming Solutions

Vinyl liner pools are a type of in ground pool that uses a replaceable liner to coat the interior of the pool instead of concrete or fiberglass. Vinyl liner pools are very easy to build and are more affordable than some other options. The upkeep and maintenance is also very manageable, which makes vinyl a great option for busy homeowners without a lot of time to spare for pool upkeep.

Installation of Vinyl Liner Pools

Excavating a site for a pool

Vinyl liner pools have the advantage of being easy to install. Your pool design and installation team will need to excavate your property before the vinyl liner is installed. Since vinyl is very flexible, is important that the excavation is completed perfectly to ensure the pool is smooth and free of blemishes. The installation company will allow the excavated soil to settle for up to two weeks.

Allowing the soil to settle will help ensure your deck and pool will last for an extended time. You will need to allow for an additional week for the liner, plumbing and electrical lines to be installed. Vinyl liner pools are very affordable, even after including the cost of a deck. The cost will vary based on the size of the pool and the type of deck you prefer, but the average cost is well below what you would expect to pay for a traditional concrete pool.

Care and Maintenance

Pool Leaning And Maintenance

If you are looking for a pool that requires less time to maintain, a vinyl liner pool is a great choice. Vinyl liners are nonporous, which allows the liner to resist algae growth over time. You will be able to use fewer cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and will spend less time cleaning your pool than with some other options. Maintaining the proper pH balance and cleaning your pool on a regular basis is important to extend the life of your vinyl liner.

Although it is typically many years before you need to replace the vinyl liner in your pool, there will be times when a replacement is needed. The liner should be examined annually to check for cracks, rips or tears caused by cleaning chemicals or environmental factors. Most homeowners need to replace their vinyl pool liner after ten to twelve years. With proper care and maintenance, a standard vinyl liner can last for up to twenty years. Opting for a liner with that is specifically designed for durability is beneficial if you want to avoid replacing the liner before the warranty is up.

Building Your Pool

Vinyl liner pools are usually based on a simple design that include steps with a deep and shallow end. The liner is held in place using securing mechanisms. After the area for the pool is excavated and shaped, the liner is installed. The liner will need to be carefully held in place until the pool is filled with water. An overlapping liner is held in place outside the edge of the pool, while a beaded liner is held in place using hidden securing mechanisms inside the pool. Overlapping liners are an excellent choice if you want to make replacing the liner as simple as possible.

Vinyl pool liners offer you the advantage of being able to choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns. Patterned liners add a splash of style and color to your landscaping theme and can be updated anytime you change your landscape design. A vinyl liner pool is a fast, affordable option that can turn your lawn into a sunny oasis. Call today to find out more about installation, pricing and options for installing vinyl liner pools for your friends and family to enjoy this summer.